Welcome to IBSnet!

We founded IBSnet to foster research and information for health professionals and patients dealing with functional bowel disease.

Patients with abdominal symptoms of unexplained origin visit doctors, nutritionists and psychologists every day. They present a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge, which in many cases requires a multi-disciplinary approach to reach true patients satisfaction.

Why IBSnet?

Because we are passionate about patient care, education and research

More than in most other disease states patient education and patient understanding is key to a successful treatment of functional bowel disease. Studies regarding functional bowel disease, especially IBS and functional dyspepsia, have suffered from heterogeneity in trials, small patient numbers and poor standardization of procedures. We aim to bring together people from centers dedicated to functional bowel disease, exchange research ideas and transfer knowledge. If you want to become a member of IBSnet, please send us an email and we will get back to you or apply right now.


Meetings and Symposia related to functional bowel disease

We are an interest group of medical professionals and scientists dealing with functional bowel disease. We strive for excellence in patient care and scientific conduct and wish to collaborate to bring pathophysiology, diagnostics and therapeutics to the next level.

IBSnet was founded in 2014 in order to foster functional bowel related research on a national and international level.

The aim of IBSnet is the promotion of research and communication on etiology, diagnosis and therapy in order to improve patient outcomes. We plan a prospective patient cohort, that all associated centers are welcome to join (after local ethical consent). This cohort shall be based on the results from the GENIEUR working group effort, which has defined minimal data sets, case record files, standard operating procedures and patient demographics in a European attempt of harmonization.

Title Institution Place Date More Information
Digestive Disease Week 2017 DDW-Meeting Chicago, USA 06. - 09. May, 2017 Click here
Postgraduate Course on "Gastrointestinal Motility and Neurogastroenterology in Clinical Practice" FNM-Meeting hosted by ANMS New York, USA 03. - 04. August, 2017 Click here
Jahreskongress 2017 SGG-SSG SGG-SSG-Meeting Lausanne, Switzerland 14. - 15. September, 2017 Click here
UEG Week 2017 UEG-Meeting Barcelona, Spain 28.October - 01.November, 2017 Click here